S'more had a different home before coming into mine. A friend of mine began to develop a allergy to his rats, and so entrusted them all to me. Out of all the rats in pack, S'more was by far the sweetest, it is most likely how she got her name.

S'more ws timid, but at the same time, she wasn't pushed around, she seemed to have held the respect that you give you elders. It was easy to tell that S'more was the oldest rat, her fur was pretty shaggy when I got her, she was also the smallest, so she must have been the runt of her litter. S'more would often just sit still when the cage would be clean, and not scurry around outside like the others did to get the male rat's attention.

About a week ago S'more began to slow down. She was walking very slowly and got very wobbly. She seemed pretty weak, but bounced back that evening. On the morning of July 15th, S'more was laying flat on her front on the cage floor, and was breathing slowly, but calmly. I placed her in the smaller cage and made her more comfortable. She drank some water and ate some of the food provided. When I got home, she was gone, she was laying on her side as if she went to sleep. No tumors, infections, of lung issues... her little body just wore out and died in her sleep. Bye bye S'more... I hope my death will be as peaceful as yours.