Snowball was by far the greatest friend I ever had. Growing up my friends where few and far between. Snowball listened to every word I said and never left my side in my times of need. Snowball and his brother Cuddle both came into my life when I was 5 years old. It was instant friendship. We took walks in the woods together, played tag, and talked to each other as if we where a study group at school. The three of us had a bond that no one could comprehend, and still can't when I talk about them.

Snowball was a fighter and also a good hunter. When ever we brought Snowball and Cuddles with us Up the bay, Snowball would catch 10 shrews in 10 minuets. The rest of his body fat came from eating fish from the other cabins. No dog crossed Snowball twice. The most memorable encounter was when a new and big dog decided to pick on the large white cat, instead Snowball clawed the dog's face and chased him up the road! Everyone had a good laugh seeing a white cat chase a dog 5-times his size.

Since Snowball was 5, he developed a bladder disease called FLUTD. He suffered numerous attacks and had medication all his life, but he always bounced back to action in defending his territory and looking after me.

Everything went wrong in July 1999. When I came home from a weekend away, Cuddles came to greet me, but Snowball was nowhere to be found. I called and searched everywhere. Our neighbor who had been feeding them said he hasn't seen Snowball. With terrible thoughts going through my mind that night I heard a scratch at the door, I cried with joy when Snowball came into the house. The next day Snowball began to get weak, and would often hide outside. I knew that cats hide to die alone, but I was in denial. The vet gave him some medicine but it failed to work. Snowball completely stopped eating. On Snowball's last trip to the vet, my last words to him was "bye bye Snowball, I'll see you again! Love you!"

Snowball stayed at the vet that weekend while I was away and I called to checkup on him. The vet told me the infection moved to his kidney and Snowball died in his sleep early morning on the 17th. I felt like my life too was over. I did not eat, nor sleep. When I came home, Cuddles looked at me, and I broke down saying "Snowball's not coming home!"

Snowball was buried on a hill next to my house on the 18th with only myself and my grandfather present. The hardest part was seeing the dirt piling on the small casket. Cuddles became depressed but lead the way to visit Snowball everyday. We both coped together and know to this day that he is watching over us.