Shortly after after I purchased the large kings cage for my rats, I decided 4 rats where not enough, so I bought Snowball and her friend Q-Tip. They became the best of friends when I bought them together and they became even better friends with the rest of the group.

Snowball got her name for obvious reasons, she was plump, had a white coat, and in honor of my cat Snowball that passed on in 1999. She was the avarage female rat, loved to play, never bit, and loved to sit on my lap to watch TV. She was a little shy, but offer her a froot loop and that would change very quickly.

It was very easy for Snowball to get dirty, her fur was easy to stain, so I figured that the other rats where experiencing the same thing, except you could not see through their dark fur, so it was thanks to Snowball that 'bath night' was born. To this day, every Friday the rats will all get in the tub for a group bath while I clean their cage. The cats even look in on them but never touch. They know that the rats are a part of the family.

A month or two ago Snowball lost her appetite and lost weight. She became really boney and due to her lack of eating and munching, her teeth grew to the point that when she wanted to eat, she could not do so comfortably. Snowball was in pain every time she tried to eat, and I knew there was no way she could knaw her teeth down. It was best for to be put down rather then let her teeth painfully grow through her mouth. On October the 19th the vet felt her chest and said that most likely she has a internal tumor, and it would have explained her sudden loss of appetite, she was then put down.

Snowball is now buried next to Yoko and Kanno.