Sushi came into my home when she was baby with her sister Won-Ton. Sushi was more active then her sister and always curious. Because I already had a large cage of adult rats, Sushi and Won-Ton where kept in a smaller one next to the big cage so that they could all get used to each other's smell. Kanno reached out to Sushi, so I knew that they would be the best of friends.

When Sushi and her sister got old enough I placed them in the big cage with the others and they got along just fine. Sushi sometimed tried to play the boss but it did not always turn out that well, she would however be queen of the couch, she ran all over the place and love to crawl on my lap.

Sushi earned the nick name 'Sushi-Houdini' because if you turned your back for one second from the opened cage, she would escape. Her first adventure was in the living room, we found her hid behind the DDR pad. Her second escape had us scared for a while when we could not find her anywhere, until we checked under the fridge. Sushi would not come out, even to froot-loops, so Derrick and I had to empty the entire fridge, pull it out and tip it just to get a view underneith. I had to take a stick to push her to the side and grab her by the tail to get her out. Sushi looked at me as if to say "I was having a great time down there!". We kept a closer eyer on her from then on, she was the first into the tub on bath night and the last to be placed in the cage.

Late in the summer Sushi began to develop a tumor on ther uterus, but did not seem to have trouble with it, like Kanno she lived just fine with it, but I knew that it would be that tumor that will end her, but every month was like a year to a rat. On Friday Nov 24th was her last bath night, she spashed around in the tub having a grand ol'time, she was the last in the cage as always. The morning of Nov 25th I found her dead on the cage floor. I was shocked yet not suprised at the same time, the tumor on her uterus was larger but she was as happy as could be a few hours ago. I am sure she just passed away quickly without suffering. Bye-bye little Sushi-Houdini, you snuck your way to the rainbow bridge like you snuck out of your cage... very quickly without me seeing you.