Timbit was adopted from the SPCA on April 16th 2020 during the COVID-19 Pandemic. He was surrendered to the shelter with a few other rats, however when the staff tried to introduce him, he did not like the other rats, so he was kept in a cage by himself and liked it that way. It was fine by me too because the sad thing about having two rats is when one dies, the other is often lonely, so I knew Timbit will be spared from that emotion.

When he first came home, we placed him in his new cage, and he was egar to explore. He did not mind coming out, but he was a little squirmy. I knew it was only a matter of time he would come around.

Timbit had a lot of personality, while he loved being outside the cage, he did not mind being in the cage by himself, my guess he would just daydream or sleep on his downtime. Like most rats Timbit loved enclosed spaces, but he love thick comfy fabrics the most. He would go under pillows or boxes if he found them, but what he loved the most was the thick robe I would wear. If tied tight around the waist, Timbit would snuggle inside and stay there for hours, not even a pee or poo would come out. I could walk around the house doing my own thing and Timbit would just ride around in the robe.

While Timbit started off as squirmy once out of the cage, it would take a minuet before he knew he could calm down and relax. I could be streaming online and Timbit would sit in my lap, and if he was wrapped in a blanket, a few strokes on the head would be enough for him to fall asleep.

In Summer 2021 Timbit began to show his age, he was a year old when adopted, so I knew he was over 2 years old at this point, maybe 2 and a half years. He got to see his rat daddy one more time before he left for work in Alberta again. In October Timbit began to lose weight, he still had spunk and wanted attention, but I knew his time was getting close.

On October 5th Timbit lost strength, he was laying down a lot and did not seem interested in his favorite timbit cereal treats, so I moved him to his hospice cage, that evening after work I cuddled him, Timbit would try to take a step from the blankie but he would stop due to weakness. I kept his hospice cage next to me as I slept. The next morning he was still there, he was trying to hang in there despite me telling him that it was ok for him to go.

On October 6th Timbit could not lift his head. I knew that he would go at any moment, but I could not be with him due to work. When I returned home from my shift, Timbit was gone. He was alone, but I made him as comfortable as possible. He is now at rest inside his timbit cereal box. Rest in Peace lil Wat!