Tubby was my best buddy ever, I consider him Snowball's and Cuddles' equal. He had such a positive attitude and had the kind of personality that could make anyone melt, even just by looking at his picture, he had the look that said "c'mon, you know you love me". People who did not even like cats fell in love with Tubby, he gave you the 'one of the guys' feeling. He was fat, had one eye, and had a walk that just made you smile, even saying his name made people smile, I booked him to have a picture taken with Santa, and when I said Tubby's name, they giggled.

When my brother purchased a house with a basement apartment, I was informed that I could have a cat, I went home and made a visit to the local SPCA. There was a room with 5 cats, all came from the same owner who had passed away. On my second visit a few weeks later, 3 of the cats where gone. The SPCA said that two where adopted, but the third cat became depressed and did not recover. The two cats that remain were Tubby (A one eyed 20-pounder) and Bobby. I adopted both. Sadly, Bobby got sick a month later, and had to be put down, but Tubby did not let his brother's passing get the better of him, and warmed up to his new roomie, Hitomi. Tubby loved other cats, any cat you brought into the house, he would not care.

Tubby had quite the life, and nothing fazed him. His first owner died, he had an eye removed, and went missing in November 2006 for a month and a week after sneaking outside while my brother was changing the door knob. I posted missing flyers, filed reports with the SPCA and vet. I got a call saying he was found while at work, and when I got home, he knew who I was. He lost a lot of weight, but got treatment at the vet, and got his weight back after some good eatin'. He was the same lovable fat cat as before.

As he aged, his health changed. His kidney levels got high, just like Bobby's did, but he caught it in time. Tubby was prescribed some medication and reduced protein food. His levels went down and was happy as could be. Training him to take his pills was easy, once he took one, he'd get a treat. Every time I shook the pill bottle, Tubby would come running, knowing what he's get if he took his pill.

During the summer of 2009 Tubby developed a small lump on his back, and did not grow for a long time. He had a biopsy done and it was found to be a benign tumor, which was harmless if it did not get too big. He was given medication to slow the growth. The tumor could not be surgically removed because it was on his spine, and if it was agitated with more steel and air, the tumor would come back faster and grow bigger. I knew that his days where now numbered, but we gave him tons of love and gave his medication as prescribed to keep him around as long as we could.

A few days before Christmas, Tubby began to fall downward. His tumor was huge, and he was irritable, he would not want to go downstairs to use the litter, even a gentle nudge to get him to try would make him growl. Tubby urinated in my bathroom twice and tried to hide with the bathroom mats. He also urinated on my mother's overnight bag. Tubby also stopped eating, but for some reason would still eat treats. I placed some treats in with the rest of his food, but he only took a few mouthfuls. He also had no energy, every time he took 2 steps, he would lie down and sleep, and he spent entire days on my bed.

Tubby was taken to the vet on December 29th for some tests. His blood work was good, his kidney's actually showed improvement, but his x-ray told me the whole story. Tubby's tumor grew on the inside and filled his chest, if left alone it would crush his lungs. The vet said this is why his appetite and energy was gone. Nothing could be done but make Tubby more comfortable. The vet and I agreed that putting Tubby down was the most humane thing to do.

Tubby went to the Rainbow Bridge on December 29th aprox. 3pm. He was cuddling into me and purring the entire time. The vet was very kind, after leaving me with Tubby for a few minuets, he would check up on me. He agreed that it was very hard to do, but assured me that it was the right thing to do. I agree that it was the right thing to do, but it doesn't mean it's easy. Tubby was cremated the next day and now rests in a urn next to my door.

Tubby had a good life, which is more that some animals do, some don't even get that chance. On behalf of Tubby and my other cats, I'd like to say that if you have pets... PLEASE spay or neuter, and if you feel that you has a small empty place in your heart, please go to your nearest animal shelter and adopt, you will not regret it... trust me.

UPDATE: While getting a check up on one of my other cats, we seen a different vet, and he said he saw Tubby's x-ray and thinks the tumor in his lung was unrelated to the began tumor on the outside, and it just happened to be coincidental that they where both there. The vet thinks the tumor in the lungs was actual cancer and was most likely Lymphoma. Either way the vet said that nothing could have been done and agreed with my decision for euthanasia, but still said that it was a tough thing to do and he gave me his condolences. Tubby was well known and liked at the clinic, and the staff made sure that I knew it.