Tuggs was adopted along with her sister in December of 2006, a friend of mine got two rats from the pet store and one turned out to be pregnant. Not long after the birth my friend had to leave town for a few weeks so I agreed to take them in for a while, by the time he got home the babies where ready to go to new home.

In return for looking after the babies, my friend allowed me to pick two baby girls, they both looked alike except for the size of the white patch on their bellies, so I named them Huggs and Tuggs. Tuggs was the more timmed then her sister, and was very easy to get along with, none of the other rats had any issues with her

After a year I wanted to breed Tuggs, but neither she or her sister cooperated with the donor male but got along with the babies of the mother rat that did cooperate. Tuggs was a very good aunt.

Tuggs lived a good long life, in the past few months she began to lose weight, but no her charm, she would still give kisses, but in last few weeks she stopped cleaning herself, and would urinate in her sleep. I would give her baths, but she would begin to smell again the next day. Her breathing got worse and she was skin and bones. on June 23rd she was taken to the vet to be put down. Tuggs lived to be 3, and ripe old age for any rat. Rest well sweety.