Vicky was very special to me, on May 5th 2009 I was taking the garbage out and when I turned around, I seen this cat sitting on the front step looking at me, when I went inside I took out my video camera to see if she as still around... and she was. Throughout the Summer I fed her on my patio, people did say that she seen her around for a while, but never knew who owned her, so I gave her the name Victoria, or 'Vicky' for short because she had his regal air about her, you could tell whenever she came from, she was Queen.

When tropical storm Bill was forecast, I did not want anything bad to happen to her, so I made a temporary shelter in my porch, she had no issues and was eating just fine. When the weather turned cold I took her to the SPCA to see if she was reported missing, and hopefully get adopted. When Vicky wasn't adopted, I took her back and found someone who seemed to be interested in taking her, but due to lack of phone calls, it fell though, but it was for the best anyway, because Vicky didn't like anyone else but me, and she really hated men... even male doctors would ask me to handle her during examinations, but after a year she came more around.

Vicky was the kind of cat to have a lot of health issues, it turned out she was much older then I thought, the doctor said she was over 12 for sure, which told me that someone had to have owned her, and just abandoned her. Despite her medical issues she could still hold her ground, if one of the other cats tried to claim her food she would chase them away no problem.

I cannot think of anyone else who had a strong of a fighting spirit as much as her, there where a few occasions that I was sure she would not make it, but she would prove me wrong and kept on going, I guess she wanted to stay around for a long time. In October 2011 I was sure that I would have to put her down, but the vet wanted to try one more effort and it worked Vicky bounced back with a vengeance. For the longest time Vicky developed an infection in her left nostril that never seemed to go away, she was on permanent antibiotics to keep it under control, many doctors looked at her, but there never was a clear conclusion.

Vicky also had great online presence, she had no issues with the camera and behaved very well in her photos taken with Santa, she even received a tiger plush from 'Big Cat Rescue' for her snoring video. But despite all of her attention, she had the perfect amount of catidue, always letting everyone know that she was the real boss of the house, but was still affectionate, always jumping on the bed to sleep next to me at night.

In Early 2013 Vicky was diagnosed with Diabetes and lost weight, after going on medication she gained it back on, and was still in full stride, even when she got sick again, the additional meds did wonders.

In March of 2014 Vicky began to slow down, and was beginning to get very tired, after some soul searching with her, Vicky gave me the nod that it was time to go. She weighed 5.9 pounds, and the doctor agreed that there nothing else that could be done. Vicky would not even eat all the best foods, such as fish, chicken, pate, even cat milk... all that she LOVED, but would now only take a bite and the leave to lay down. I believe that she took the bites in an effort to make me happy.

On March 5th, my mind was made up, Vicky was ready to go, and I think she could tell what was going on, she did not make a sound at the vet, she did nothing that typically did there, no struggles to walk on the floor, nothing. She was gone in seconds after the needle was inserted. It was difficult to determine Vicky's year of birth, but she was estiamted to be around 16-18 years old.

Vicky taught me so much about second chances, and not giving up, these are lessons I will hold onto forever, and I will thank her everyday for it, the few years she has been with me where very special, and she made me feel very special too, because of all the houses she could have walked into, she picked mine. I love you very much my Little Vicky-Poo, Fluffy-Puff, and Little Floof.