Vincent, also known as 'Vinny' or the 'Vinster' was the last rat I owned since 2011, I saw him in a pet store and I simply fell in love with him, he was plump, friendly and has a cute spot on his head, I don't normally buy rats from pet stores, but I made a exception for this little guy, and I am glad that I did!

Vinny was a very laid back guy and a real lap rat, he would sit and lay on my lap for long periods at a time and I did not have to worry about putting him back in his cage, he would even fall asleep if you pet him between the ears just right. Vinny did not take long to grow, he had a healthy appetite, he quickly became the biggest rat of the pack, he lived over 2 years of superior health and I was even considering breeding Vinny to help develop a blood line or long-living healthy rats.

During late October 2011 Vinny began to go downhill and age was catching up with him, Vinny did not show many immediate signs of illness, but he began to lose weight, but still ate. In early November Vinny stopped eating, and just slept all the time, due to his lack of energy he did not move to use the bathroom. Vinny did worse as time went and did nothing but sleep, it became clear that this was his way of telling me that it was time for him to move on, on November 3rd Vinny was euthanized.

Vincent was loved by all and will be missed by all, say hi to the other rats for me Vinster.