Won-Ton came into my home when she was baby with her sister Sushi. Won-Ton was more timid then her sister, and loved to sit on your shoulder and give kisses to your nose. She did however always defended her turf, while she and Sushi where kept in the smaller cage as babies, my cat Hitomi thought she would give them a sniff, Won-Ton bit her and Hitomi screamed bloody-murder, the cat no longer bothers the rats since then.

Won-Ton was my fiancé’s favorite rat, she was the first one he took out of the cage and always had her on his shoulder. She was a real shoulder rat, always staying still never moving, Won-Ton also had her own spot at the top of the couch behind the small pillow, she would stay there for hours nibbling on froot-loops. Won-Ton enjoyed the move to the new house, but it did not last long, about a month after the move her neck became twisted, and it looked as if she was tilting her head to the side, she could not twist it back, a few days later a tumor began to show up on her side, her neck nerve must have been a early sign. Won-Ton had her ups and downs with the tumor, there where times I was sure that she would die overnight, but the next morning she would be bouncing off the walls, happy as can be. She had to stay in a separate cage because climbing in the large once was becoming hazardous.

Won-Ton was a fighter, she lasted such a long time with the tumor, some days good, some bad. She was fond of my fiancé, so I had a feeling that she was fighting to stay alive so that she could see him again, but it was rough, Won-Ton's mind was going each passing day, she would become very clingy, always wanting up, she would roll over continuously and had to pin herself to the side of the cage to stop.

My fiancé came home from Alberta for a week, he picked up Won-Ton, she seemed content despite the massive tumor, the next day on May 15th she died. While everyone loved the rats, Won-Ton seemed to stand out, and became the favorite of visitors, now that she is gone, the rat cage will never be the same.