It is such a shame that many people hate rats, especially when all these friendly little critters want to do is be picked up and play. Yoko was my first rat and she was given to me as a Christmas gift from my brother and sister-in-law. My brother told me to close my eyes and open my hand. I was so excited when I saw a rat in my hands! Ever since my brother owned a rat a year prior, I fell in love with the little guys and knew that I had to get one!

Yoko was everything I could have wanted! She would sit on my shoulder, lick my cheeks and fingers, and she would even come when called! Yoko's most amusing habit was begging for froot-loops. She adored the little treats! So much so that she began recognizing the box, and the cereal's character: Toucan Sam. If I placed the box in front of her, Yoko would follow it anywhere, so for a test, I tried printing a picture of Toucan Sam from the internet, and sure enough, Yoko still followed the picture!

Yoko began to develop breathing problems, which was helped by medication, but when summer came, she began to get worse. She would sleep on the pillow next to me, and she used all the energy she had to lick my fingers. She died in her cage the morning after.

Yoko is currently buried behind my brother's house with a simple stone on top. I have decided that I will always own rats, but Yoko will be by far the greatest rat I have ever known.